Wednesday, March 30, 2011

filo. phyllo.

I didn't personally care too much for the Versace Autumn '11 ready to wear was a tad too blocky, not as easy-looking as i would prefer for myself. HOWEVER, those boots, oh those boots!!!!!!!!  those boots are positively orgasmic, how can they be resisted?!?!?!

these boots are a perfect combination of cool and beautiful.

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favorite spring/summer 2011 Haute Couture line? Chanel. hands down. and i never pick favorites. or hardly ever. Especially when it comes to fashion. How can one possibly have a favorite?! It’s all so wonderful! I never pick a favorite, ever. So the fact that I’ve picked a favorite this season is saying a lot.
  • the flats - so many women think that putting on a pair of heels automatically makes them sophisticated, formal, dressed-up, what have you, and the rest of the outfit isn’t much thought about. oh ill just wear these heels and ill look great! NO. THAT ISNT HOW IT WORKS. heels can be very casual just as flats can be very formal. Case in point: Chanel spring/summer 2011 HC. Those black pointed toe flats just exude elegance.
  • the sparkles - i’m a sucker for anything that glitters in the light, but the all sequin pants and collars on the jackets, and the glittery jewelry was just perfect. It took something little-girlish and made it sophisticated and cool.
  • the palate - often with spring comes the explosion of colors and prints, but Chanel defies this cliche and stays with the softer tones of grey, white, cream, pink, and black. It’s a nice change and easy on the eyes :)
ok there you go, my reveiw of Chanel. quite pathetic isn’t it? oh well, as if anyone can adequately describe the greatness behind such a name.,0
there you should watch it for yourself.  seriously.

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