Thursday, September 29, 2011

well i met you at the blood bank

Hi guys. or just myself. I haven't posted in forever. i used to live for fashion but since i came to school i live to complete assignments. bleh. oh well. yay art school!

I've been sort of obsessed with Marchesa Casati. It started when Georgina and Keren came out with the Spring 2011 Couture Marchesa collection. It was amazing. I was so enthralled; I saved like, 70 screen shots on my iPhone ahhhh so amazing. So here are some that I had to choose (because I loved every single one)


I know right? they're amazing. they're just SO AMAZING GOD

and then my sister Lizzie became a 'stylist' for Stella & dot, this amazing little jewelry company that isn't so little anymore and doesn't just sell jewelry! Anyways so I had a trunk show with her and i got this necklace called, you guessed it, the Marchesa!

pretty eh?? hehe i think so too. Darn it.. i didn't even think about taking pictures of me in it for this... hmm ill have to add those later.

So I've been thinking about Marchesa Casati like all the time and I'm like I need to walk around with animals on my body like her! hehe