Friday, July 29, 2011

the world of fashion just got a whole lot more accessible...

with the recent launching of Vogue's new website and information mecca: Voguepedia. You can find almost anything on here...from the year that Swiss fashion house Akris was founded (1922) to how Julien d'Ys, early in his career, cut the hair of French marines to exclusive party photos (like Alber Elbaz's Lanvin for H&M runway show)!

it is a truly amazing feat. however, it is still in the works. for example, the 'Personalities' page consists of only 11 people...but hey! who cares? between Carey Mulligan and Kate Middleton who has time for anyone else?!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

obviously luxurious

today it's all about the lux...

obvilux is a new website that allows users to save images of products they like and want to save and come back to, create style-sets (collages of products put together), and spread not only fashion but style and luxury in all forms.

i highly recommend becoming a member, besides the style and fashion benefits, it's a great community of people who care about quality products and having style

here are some of my style sets (if you want to know where something is from you can see all the details at my obvilux page here

p.s. i figured out how to make the pictures big!! yay! 

visit my obvilux page and explore a whole new way of shopping!
love, the wardrobe watcher

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Christian Dior

I'll skip the commentary this time and just show you some amazing Dior spring 2011 couture images!

(images via

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

with harry potter 1 through 6 as background music...

ok, so i'm going to skip a lot of stuff from the resort collections, i know, i can't, but i really have to! i must move on to the spring couture!!! it was so amazing, i keep going back to my phone and ogling the screen-captures from my app!

enough rambling. tonight, (or this morning rather) it's all about Valentino. There are many reasons i revere Valentino the brand and the individual collections themselves.
1) reliability: the fashion house of Valentino has withstood time. it has always been and continues to be the mecca of cutting-edge design (haha cutting-edge, pun hah, hah, sorry.) while also maintaining its glory of elite classicism.
2) variety: each collection seems, within themselves, to contain their own mini-collections. be it separated by color, texture, design. i realize this happens in many -if not most- runway collections, however somehow Valentino always masters this completely. rendering his (or his designers') ideas and visions perfectly, and without flaw.

ok enough of that now on my personal favorites :)

Matthew Williamson

Asian-fusion, no?

Monday, July 18, 2011


The Gucci collection i surely cannot overlook! so absolutely luxe in every way...almost indescribable! no, no words now. just look and marvel!

ADAM resort 2012

how cool are the shoes in this collection?! almost medieval-Engalnd-like, jester-like, aren’t they? all leather and close to the toes and strapped on tight. the clothes somewhat contrast with this archaic element with their modern shapes and simple lines. a lovely mix, and how about that model? what beautiful hair and naturally nice face. Great, through and through.