Monday, April 16, 2012

findings, 1

on a recent outing in my hometown, i came across a few things i didn't have the money to buy but i couldn't just leave there i took photos!

this was a vintage dress with a beautiful (albiet badly stained) lace bodice and a black crepe skirt with a bow detail (its on the left and flattened a bit). its most likely from the 60's

detail of the lace - how gorgeous! 

this was an asymmetrical piece out of black crepe with a detailed chiffon overlay. i lightened the picture a lot so as to see the details of the overall piece (i initially thought 70's based on the basic silhouette, however the shoulder pads indicate nearer the 80's... harder piece to pin)

detail of the attached black chiffon with gold lame dots - i really hope you can imagine the movement this fabric allows, it was really beautiful!

pretty maxi dress - very Pucci-esque. as you can see the sleeves are sheer with a solid and collared bodice. this is bad picture, the colors in the skirt are much more vibrant than this instagrammed-down iphone picture shows hehe

look at the details in that bodice - if only everyday clothes were made this well these days
the above three dresses i found in a thrift store in my hometown called 'buy the season', i think

loved this Emma Fox bag. the leather was really soft and i love the clasp detail opening - almost like a huge change purse (which would be really whimsical in real life..)

detail of the brand - the little fox is so cute

pretty DKNY tote, i love the contrast between the matte nude and the metallic silver.

this obviously gorgeous B. Makowsky fold-over tote. what's not to like about this bag?! crazy red, chain handle, supple leather - everything a handbag needs :)

and this Elliot Lucca tote, similar in color but, and again you can't see it because of my shot-ty iphone skills, but that whole bottom section is braided and it's absolutely gorgeous 

this canvas-y, suede-colored safari-ish Big Buddha bag

and last, but certainly not least, the Lauren Ralph Lauren cross-body bag. i don't think it needs description. 

all the handbags were found at my local t.j.maxx


  1. amazing finds dear.. I'm digging the DKNY tote, simply gorge!


  2. I'm in love with the vintage dress!!!! Wowow It is really classic! Amazing finds, dear!

    Cri. (

  3. Really nice finds!

  4. Wow they are superb! We dont even have vintage stores in India!! Sob!
    I Want It All

    1. thanks so much for visiting! gosh, i couldn't imagine life without vintage!

  5. omg the first dress is beautiful! Great find!

    xo Stephanie