Monday, July 11, 2011

tribune standard

Tribune Standard’s collection is like a mix of Brazil and 1976, with a touch of Penelope Cruz from ‘Blow’. The impossibly bright colors and and bold prints are reminiscent of paradisal birds and huge-petaled flowers with lovely scents. Jane Knauerova’s short hair and the random smattering of ultra-long fringed accessories gives this collection a distinctively modern look. 


  1. GORGEOUS. Never heard of Tribune Standard (or Vionnet) but now we are OB-sessed. Much thanks from the Obvilux team for turning us onto these fabulous lines!

    p.s. We've also featured you on our Twitter--take a look!

  2. Hello! I see that you are also a up-and-coming blogger!
    I have a small fashion/photography/life blog called Out of Wonderland.
    I think maybe, perhaps, you might enjoy it. :)