Wednesday, July 20, 2011

with harry potter 1 through 6 as background music...

ok, so i'm going to skip a lot of stuff from the resort collections, i know, i can't, but i really have to! i must move on to the spring couture!!! it was so amazing, i keep going back to my phone and ogling the screen-captures from my app!

enough rambling. tonight, (or this morning rather) it's all about Valentino. There are many reasons i revere Valentino the brand and the individual collections themselves.
1) reliability: the fashion house of Valentino has withstood time. it has always been and continues to be the mecca of cutting-edge design (haha cutting-edge, pun hah, hah, sorry.) while also maintaining its glory of elite classicism.
2) variety: each collection seems, within themselves, to contain their own mini-collections. be it separated by color, texture, design. i realize this happens in many -if not most- runway collections, however somehow Valentino always masters this completely. rendering his (or his designers') ideas and visions perfectly, and without flaw.

ok enough of that now on my personal favorites :)

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